Best time to Visit Loch Ness is Spring

If you ask me, what’s the best time to visit Loch Ness? Without hesitation I will say the springtime, my partner reckons the best time to visit is autumn for the colours but to me Loch Ness is at its best in spring and there are absolutely no midges!

Loch Ness in spring Urquhart Castle

I am a keen gardener and all gardeners get excited in the spring-time as soon as I see the warmth of the sun causing steam to rise off the cold soil. In spring the days rapidly get longer and warmer and the profusion of gorse flowering everywhere forcing winter into retreat once again. From the first time I ever visited Loch Ness I remember being amazed at dense unbroken banks of colour lining the roads everywhere around Loch Ness the scent and riot of rich golden yellows of the gorse.

spring is the best time to visit Loch Ness

The old tongue in cheek saying around here probably first coined by clansmen crofters is “only kiss your woman when the gorse is in flower,” that’s, because you can always find a gorse bush in flower somewhere! seemingly out of season, but even in dead of winter I have always been able to find a flowering gorse bush! Just to extend the yellow riot

Broom is another beautiful bush that grows in profusion around the roads and forests at Loch Ness and it too has prolific bright yellow flower that follow on from gorse, so when the gorse is tailing off and past its best, broom is coming into full bloom. Not even mentioning the squillions of Bluebells in every nook and cranny jostling to get one over on the carpets of primroses! and always the sunlight is so refreshing on the fresh greens of spring leaves Ever heard anyone getting excited just writing about it? if you could see me now!!

The Light on the spring leaves is so refreshing

For me spring is the best time to visit Loch Ness and if you are visiting from the south there could be an added bonus in that if you time it right you will enjoy two springs in one year, as I found out many years ago. Having left the south near the end of April and spring was almost finished, I arrived at Loch Ness so find springtime was just starting. Well we are 600 miles north of London!

Spring Bluebells

Believe me, March to May is the best time to visit Loch Ness if you love vibrant colours. From March Primroses to May Broom and Bluebells it is glorious. Even in Inverness the riverbanks are bright with Daffodils. If you bring some warm clothes with you just in case it’s not so warm, you won’t be caught out in the open in one of our early spring snow flurries or April showers, they are all part of the experience most enjoyable if you are prepared.

A spring evening in Inverness

picture kindly provided by Gordon Bain

I am biased here because I have a self catering apartment in Fort Augustus abbey and I love it to bits! but if you are thinking of visiting this spring, or any other time for that matter do checkout Fort Augustus as a Loch Ness base, it’s a fascinating and pretty village right on the shore and in my opinion the best place to base yourself at any time of year for a spring break at Loch Ness and its altogether so romantic.

spring is romantic at Loch Ness this couple are happy

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