Want to buy a property in the Highland Club? why not consider buying Old School 11 as a going concern.

After 11  years of owning Old School 11 for our self catering business we have decided to retire and offer our Highland Club apartment for sale. If you are looking to buy a property as a going concern with all furnishings and fittings and including this brand new website and booking facility look no further! We will also be happy to transfer all existing bookings income to you as a new business owner. Even with our present “hands off” approach we are achieving over 6% ROI a pro active owner could easily improve on this figure.

We are looking for offers over 240k if you want the lock stock and barrel business


Offers over 232k for the property alone – download brochure sale particulars

More Info Estate Agent – https://www.mcewanfraserlegal.co.uk/properties/117116

Call or email us we are happily discuss any aspect of the business with you. we can arrange a visit or even stay for a night or two so as to get a better feel for this wonderful place.

Second Home, Residence or a ready made Self Catering business.

When you buy a property, for whatever reason, you can be very confident that in the long term it will be a good sound investment. Old School 11 has been used as a self catering property since we took possesion of the keys over ten years ago when the development was first opened. Since it was opened The Highland Club has steadily become more and more popular with a high number of return visitors each year.