About Our properties

There is much to be excited about The Highland Club in the Fort Augustus Abbey. The historic building, lovingly restored and maintained – a truly unique opportunity to spend your holidays in this breathtaking location.

Our properties, apartments and cottages, situated within the Abbey, range from one bedroom apartments to cottages to three bedroom flats. Every property has its own character.

Every apartment and cottage comes ready to welcome new guests – fresh, clean, supplied with necessities like towels, toiletries and few basics in the kitchen, including tea, coffee and sugar. All properties are furnished and fitted to make you feel comfortable and  at home. If you ever find that something is lacking, do let us know.

All guests have free access to all Highland Club amenities – swimming pool, tennis court, Club lounge and other.

Every property can be found on AirBnB, so you have the choice to book through this well-known site, where you might already have a profile. We do endeavour to keep pricing aligned between the sites. However, we are always happy to see the returning guests on our website. If you are booking through our site for the second time (or third, or fourth!) – do write to us, and we will apply a 10% discount to your quote, if you are staying 5 nights or more.