We practice at home what we preach in business!

The birds at home are fed regularly throughout the year, though much less in summer. For our efforts we are rewarded with hours of amusement watching them at the table.

The red squirrels are quite common here and visit our garden frequently. Mostly they are looking for the hazel nuts which grow in abundance in the Farigaig forest and around our garden. They spend lots of time topping up with peanuts from our feeders. During the autumn we frequently stop to watch them busily gathering their winter stores of Hazel nuts. It’s autumn time when Squirrels are particularly vulnerable to traffic as they cross roads to their favourite hazel trees. Motorists note, please drive extra carefully at this time of year.

Sika and roe deer are regular visitors and are frequently seen walking the boundaries. Badgers regularly visit our garden every night for worms and the  peanuts we put out for them. They really seem to be undisturbed by the lights from the house on them, which is, of course, all the better for us to view them!  Pine martens too, are occasionally spotted around our garden and, now and then, we have seen otters in the river below our windows.  All sightings of all species are meticulously noted for submission to national databases. Growing is also a hobby of ours and we are nearly self sufficient in vegetables, but limited to some extent by the Highland climate. The flower garden is geared around providing nectar for bumblebees, butterflies and moths.

Our Native woodland project

Last but not least, we were lucky enough to acquire 90 acres of agricultural land a few years ago. We’ve since removed this land from agriculture and planted the whole area with 20,000 native trees with the aim of creating a native woodland reserve. This ongoing project is our most rewarding pastime and is part of our contribution to the environment. We spend many happy hours tending the trees in our spare time. The whole 90 acres is to be donated to the Woodland Trust at a time when we are no longer able to take care of it.