Loch Ness Holiday Environmental Policies

Green tourism, eco tourism, explained

Green tourism differs from eco-tourism as Green Tourism businesses must make efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and may not use the environment or nature as a marketing tool. Ecotourism businesses use environment and nature as a marketing tool and may not be making efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. We regard our selves to be a Green Tourism business.

You can play a part!

As a consumer, ultimately it is you that makes the difference, by choosing businesses that are committed to the environment and we hope that in choosing to stay in our apartment, Old School 11, you will be helping to minimise your impact on the  environment plus we hope your experience staying in our accommodation will impress you enough to pass on your experience to others and encourage them to do likewise.

Our environment-friendly business statement

As owners of Loch Ness Holiday self-catering accommodation, Andy & Rosemary are committed to providing a good, high quality service.  In providing that service, by adopting sustainable practices, we hope to minimise our impact on the local environment and help preserve the natural world for the continued enjoyment of Scotland’s beautiful land for future generations. We also try to provide all furnishings and fittings from sustainable sources. See our Facilities page

Our native woodland project

Fifteen years ago our business profits enabled us to buy ninety acres of agricultural land at South Loch Ness. We planted the entire acreage with 20,000 native trees to create a nature reserve which is now bequeathed to the Woodland Trust to manage after we have sadly gone. We have spent many hours tending, replanting, creating ponds, removing internal fencing and watching the trees grow and are proud of what we have achieved during our time here.

Loch Ness Holiday is committed to:

  • Adhere to good environmental practice in all business and personal activities.
  • Assure that the business meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law and fulfils its legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal.
  • Achieve sustainable environmental improvement.
  • Continuous reduction of polluting activities.